joi, 22 ianuarie 2015

The return of the Dandy

It's been a few weeks now since I saw Beau Brummel, a really really interesting movie:

and I finally understood how the English and any other nation for that matter got rid of the powdered wig and excessive make-up; especially when speaking about men. We know all, however, that with women there's entirely another story.

Well, if you do not find the inclination, or if you just don't have the time to watch the whole movie; I will say that it is basically the story of the main character, an influential friend of the King George of Britain, who has a flawless style in fashion and is the first one to brake the ice and let go of the awful (I must say) fashion of those days. Complete with a delightful nude portrait of one of my favorite actors - James Purefoy- the British gentlemen take style lessons from Beau and thus learn how to impeccably groom themselves and wear wonderful white shirts and black suits.

Recent not so exotic events in my humble experience have made me look around at our modern man, and I just couldn't stop and wonder if maybe the Dandy has returned, but in a manner characteristic to our own age and time.
If you'll pay just a little attention to most of our young men, let's say between 16 and 25, we will find out that recently they have their hair very well groomed, with elaborate coiffures:
so if you ladies out there thought that you're the only ones losing your precious time on the hair stylist's chair, think again. Don't fret, though, since it looks like their coiffures are more elaborate then our own, but they are also fewer than us; so we might still have a chance.

I think I don't have to accentuate very much the fact that the number of men who wax and have their eyebrows plucked is increasing as we speak....

Speaking purely of their aspect; and while I am completely going to avoid the behavioral issues; I am last talking about clothing. Here the age range is way larger; and men have always been preoccupied with their looks; but it seems to me that there are more and more, and even teenagers and young men fall now in that same category.

borrowed picture of Mr. Jamie Campbell Bower from
Forgotten are the days of the long t-shirts and baggy trousers, now we get to see more derriere than we would really care to. However, I'm not going to be hypocrite and say that it displeases me entirely. When well put together, a pair of tight jeans will look awesome, even though I might watch them with a pang of jealousy. Because yes, many guys will look better than we do, my dear girls, sorry to burst your bubble...

 So, am I wrong? isn't this the return of the Dandy? Just to make a point, I've even looked it up in the dictionary:
  1. 1.
    a man unduly concerned with looking stylish and fashionable.
    So, I guess I'm not really that far off; and of course I can't stop wondering how women like their men nowadays. I, for one, believe that a little bit of polish ( :D ) never did anyone any harm.    


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