vineri, 4 octombrie 2013

things that bring us joy...

What others feel and think I have no idea, but I do know that I am sometimes so strange that even I wonder if I am some kind of Mr Jekyll or is it that women are believed to be so strange exactly because we all have these moods? All I know is that at times I look in the mirror and I don't recognize myself, and other times I see a happy person looking back at me. Especially this strange autumn weather plays games with my mind, and I am at times melancholic, sad and down, and at other times my heart is lifted up with a joy and goodness I do not understand. These are the times I get most inspired and creative, but my moody self likes to work only at times, and is inclined to quiet observation and a lot of introspective thoughts that invade my mind uninvited. I feel the need to crawl up in some warm and fuzzy corner, a few great books and my kindle around me, my three fluffy cats all over me, a good cup of tea and just read and dream...loose myself in that world which has never disappointed me and makes me feel so alive. Although I am still and not even a muscle moves on my face I can be deep in the action of the book, feel love and pain, struggle and happiness together with the characters, my heart beats faster every time something important is happening, I tremble with anticipation whenever something is about to happen, and thus I believe that readers are not inactive people, but rather run with their hearts instead of their legs.
That's how I like to think about myself and the people that like reading just like me, and I do believe in that saying that a person who reads lives as many lives as the books he's read, while people who haven't read a book in their life live only their own life and that's it.
My melancholic mood makes me wander across the Internet in search of beautiful pictures, and here are some that caught my eye, courtesy of moonandtrees who so elegantly borrowed them from other wonderful sites. All credit belongs to those that initially posted these wonderful pictures that show exactly that simple photography of everyday items can turn into real art, and to whom we are forever grateful for sharing them with us:

I'd love some apple pie right now...

how wonderful is this drawing?
this is not Eisidisi!

this is exactly what I would love to do right now!

Hermione...all grown up!

would love to own this exact pile!

wonderful book!
my dream room...would love some natural light though...


gotta love those dresses and these pictures...

perfect couple!
one of the best movies I ever saw: Picnic at Hanging Rock

I NEED to have these socks!

and these!

I need to make myself such an ingenious thingie!
 Some might know that I am invited to a wedding this weekend, tommorrow that is...and I am still undecided about what I should or green dress....especially since it's really cold outside. But that's really not my biggest concern, since my hair is the ultimate challenge I am facing...I'd love something simple, yet festive...something like this:

...both look great, but I wonder if they would look great during an entire night....and I have to speak to Tunde's mom and see if she is available tomorrow morning to help me ....
All these being said, I hope everyone has a wonderful and not that chilly weekend, and especially a quiet and beautiful autumn!

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