luni, 15 aprilie 2013

tired but happy....

because I own this:
We made a small photo shoot last night, and since I did it, I thaught to share my wonderful new bike:
which is, by the way, everything I ever wanted in a bike........and there's the beautiful V-engine...which I always coveted ...
just love this next photo:
..and here it is in all its shiny splendor:
Arthur made some really awesome photos, didn't he?

and here I am, all smiles, and dog-tired...'s really a big motor...even though not big enough for some....for me it is even more then what I would need...and for shure I will not be using all its 40 hp any time soon....
I am just in love, just like the old man from whom I bought it said to me on the phone that I would be...

The photos above speak for themselves...need I say that I am struck with awe? need I say that I can't wait to ride it outside the parking lot? Need I say that I am satisfied with my life right now?
      All in all, I am trully happy right now, and hope you all feel the same at some point about something you really love!

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