luni, 8 aprilie 2013

again Monday...

...and back to work! Sadly.....because we had some friends over last evening and we stayed up until 1.00 ! Of course I hardly got up this morning, but it was worth it, since I and M didn't get the chance to speak to one of them for a long time now, and we had some updating to do. We barely realized what time it was until they left, so it was really fun.
             I also went riding yesterday, and I should have ridden Carina, but she was lame again! I couldn't believe it, but she really walked very bad. I don't know what's the matter with these horses during spring! Luckily Mary was ok, a girl that wanted to ride her last time (when she was also limping) really trotted with her, and it may be that I'm a little bit crazy, but I think that part of the fact that Mary's trotting so nicely is due to me :D.
             I got to ride Cezar again, a Lipizzan beautiful little horse, for he is really small compared to Mary, and a little bit smaller than all the other horses at Herneacova. We did wonderfully, even all the trainers told me so, but I have to admit it secretly that I miss Meryiem! I just couldn't stop feeling jealous! I almost fell down from Cezar three times, once when my saddle slipped to the left, once to the right and once when he started to gallop, and I really wasn't prepared for that! I felt bad to ask one of the trainers to tighten the saddle, but eventually I got really scared, so I asked Nicu, who was nearby and we were talking. They all said I did really well today, and I was ashamed and happy at the same time, but this should only be the reason for getting better, right? I don't want any praises, I just want to be comfortable, and the most important, the horse that I'm riding should feel fine doing so.
             And the really good part is that it's an awesome cardio exercise for me. I mean I was soaked and the horse too when we finished! I felt tired, but the happy kind of tired, the one that only a good exercise can give you. There's only one small problem which I intend to right knee seems to not like the effort very much, due to the fact that the whole week I'm sitting at a desk and then I put so much pressure on it at once. I must warm up before riding!
             We went shopping yesterday too, and I am proud of M that he agreed with me and we got salads, rucola, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a ton of such healthy food, so that we may detox after this long crazy winter. I am also (as usual) taking this a little bit further, and am waiting for my green mud:
as I am going to drink this stuff with water for the next three weeks. It's good to cleanse the kidneys and also good for coughs, which I seem to have for some time now and just can't get rid of. It also cleanes the collon, so it is really worth drinking it. The only downside: no alcohool during the cleanse! Tunde was struk by the idea that we couldn't have our glass of wine on weekends, but we will have to bravely go throug with it, as it is only for our health. (sigh)
            Except for going out for a few hours on saturday night there was not much going on this weekend, I am just worried about the bike I'm going to buy. Should I  trust my instinct? In the end, I think I'll go the safe path and buy the one that I feel the safest about.
 How would I look on something like this???:
random google images source
      Now really, would I be able to drive something like this?? over 250 kilos??
Whish me luck on this one, as I will shurely need alot of it. Next month by this time I might be riding a new beast!
            Well, that would be about all, whish you a wonderful quiet week, as mine will be hectic,  thanks for dropping by and lots of bisous!

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