joi, 5 iulie 2012

heat wave pre-vacation mood....

I probably shouldn't blame the hot weather for my lack of inspiration and want to do something worth wile...but since this is my space, I will blame whoever I want! so here is my excuse for being so absent lately: it's killing hot outside! since last month...I don't know what to wear, what to drink, how to sleep, how to do some exercise..all because of this freakin' hot hot and super hot weather!! It's as my brain refuses to function in this heat! And I don't get it, I am working in a very fine office, I have air conditioning, but that makes me dizzy, but if I stop it I start to sweat like a horse! So...what can I do but dream of the summer vacation to come???
I have taken upon myself the task of finding this year's itinerary. In 2010 we went on a beautiful round trip across Romania on hubby's old motorcycle, and now that he has a new beauty we just have to take it for a spin....
We are both huge fans of sightseeing, so we decided two years ago that we won't be having any vacations abroad untill we can say we have visited at least 50% of our beautiful country.
Well, here is my campaign for Romania!
We have been in Orsova, Cluj, Brasov and surroundings and in Vama Veche. The latter made me regret the effort we took to get there, but to be able to see the Roman ancient cities from the seaside was really worth the trip. We have also been to Sovata and visited the surrounding mountains, seen some spectacular views and beautiful forests, went through mountain passes and beside spectacular river valleys, and we just realised that with small industrial -city sights  exceptions, our country is beyond beautiful.
If you are a lover of wild nature, than this small country is what you are looking for, if you love old medieval cities with unchanged old architecture, then you are on the right path, and if you want all that combined with nice, welcoming people, awesome food and decent prices...then Romania is your goal!
There, I've said it! I could do well writing a tourist brochure, wouldn't I?
I can say for shure the 2010 vacation was the best one. I couldn't compare it to the one in Rome, being much longer and on a bike, but it was the best one I ever had. So that is why we have decided to visit as much as we can from our beautiful country. It is pure and simply worth it!

I am really not a water fan, even less a sunbathing fan, but I really love hiking( see my old post about Cheile Nerei), and I love forests and mountains. On the other hand, I looove a good treasurehunt like we did then, when we went looking for old monasteries around Brasov, and all the way from Sovata to the Sea. If I were to go one more time to the Sea, it would be shurely for the chance to visit the Constanta Musem, which we missed last time....
So....for the next few days I will be searching for places to go, and I will share them here, as to have a starting plan!

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