marți, 31 iulie 2012

I'm back....

...with some old "new"" ideas.....about food. Because during our trip we could scarcely eat healthy (excepting Sovata, at M's granny)...I've returned home with some digestion usually after eating canned food for such a long time. So now I'm detoxing.....with lots and lots of veggies. M needs this too, so I've come up with a plan to help us both feel better, and maybe if you're good I will share it with you! (just kidding, of course I can't keep my mouth shut!:D).
So, for starters, here's the bounty that M has brought home today, from his sweet mother who always is so kind and helps us so much:
...beautyful aubergines....
...divinely smelling bell yellow peppers and parsley...
...goodie cucumbers (I''ll sacrifice one tonight to put on my face...) and tasty turnip; only that M forgot that I eat the leaves too!!! they are great in smoothies!!!I'll have to get some more!!

lots of chick peas that makes my mouth water (I'm hungry right now so that's why all these praises...)
huuuuge zucchinnies which will be enough until autumn...or maybe not..... :D

and here's a nice group photo...together with my toaster, old nuts and breakfast biscuits (p.s. the glass bowl with blue cap has a funny story of its own...but that in another post!)

Above all that we also received a lot of jam ...but that also in another post! In fact I only wanted to advise everyone to profit from all the great vegetables that we can get very cheap this season (of course, I got them for free! which is huge since we are broke from our trip!!!); and it's not only the price that matters, but also the quality. Please don't look for the best looking veggies, look for the ones that smell like during your childhood, the ones your mother brought from the local market or farmers, or maybe the ones you yourself ripped from the garden!
Have a wonderful afternoon and lots of bisous !!!

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  1. this is such a wonderful post! it's encouraging to eat healthy - veggies look delicious!

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