joi, 8 septembrie 2011

Die Jagt nach der Heiligen Lanze...

      My heroes from the last post echanted me last night with yet another adenture- filled movie, which kept me awake untill midnight...

       This time they were searching for the Holy Lance...the lance of Longinus, the Roman soldier who used it to pierce Jesus' chest when he was on the cross. It is also called the Spear of Destiny since it is believed that all great conquerors were in its possesion-from Alexander the Great to Napoleon.
       My heroes searced for it from Schiller's and Goethe's tomb up to the Brandemburg Gate in Berlin, where under the equvestrian statue of Victory there should be an ancient temple (probably old catacombs) for the protection of the Spear. After some great adventures spiced-up by the humour I'm already getting to know, my heroes found the Spear.
       Of course, there could not have been a good plot without a bad guy- in the person of Graf von Haan, played by an actor I already know from some other movies-Jurgen Prochnow. The Graf takes the Spear, but believing he became invincible like al the other great rulers, he dies "toasted" by the trap made by Goethe when he hid the Lance.
       Once again I found bad reviews on the Internet, but I'm to bored to post them here. I liked it, period!
I will search for these movies and try to download them from the Internet...I hope I' ll find them....

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