miercuri, 28 septembrie 2011

what kept me awake last night (part II)

"A broken song
A broken line
Is all I have
And want tonight.
I felt despair
But now I see light
I can free my thoughts
The best way I can
Thank you for guidance
Thank you for sound
Thank you for this heart
Thank you for all.
As bleeding makes me alive
I think my way in life
And listening to the voice
I am feeling so alot.
My insignificance I deny
I do not wanna believe
What I was thinking 'till now.
Mabe no sense I make
Mabe no one will like
My words, my own
I have them all.
Will someone ever hear me?
Will someone ever care?
who cares? I don't 
I do not feel blind anymore.
I feel alive only in ache
I wanna do something
I need to feel alive,
I'm dizzy from all this sleep.

Wake me up as soon as you see
That I am different
Believe in me
Like I believe in you.
Why am I doing this?
I have no idea
I just Live and Love
Live and Love with me!"

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