vineri, 26 august 2011


My title today is a little bit tricksy, for although I don't remember anything, being only 3 years old when the tragedy happened, I am still gratefull that nothing happened to my family or me, since the radioactive clud also reached Romania...
I remembered about this tragedy- that no one should forget- when I heard about Japan; but I also read yesterday a material on the net about Cernobyl...: I thaught to bring my own tribute.

I was trully impressed by this video:

...and I thaught to share it with you all.
I also found these photos which, of course, are not mine, but I think will not harm anyone if I post them here (you know, copyright is very strict!):

photo source: google images
           I mean only that we should never forget the tragedy, and at least send our prayers for those who suffered, and maybe we can spare a small thaught even today for those who are still suffering, even after all this time! Just watch that small movie, there were people with showels trying to cover the radioactive ruins with sand, do you really think any of them lived more than a few days after that? Or what about the chopper that crashed? It makes me at least melancholic....But! But all that makes me wonder about man's altruism, will and power of decision. Do not look for heroes in comic books or movies, for those are the real heroes, with flesh and blood!
             This is why I will always be gratefull to men like these, for showing the real quality of the human kind, which makes the difference from any other kind, which proves why Man is God's best creation ever!

              D'ont worry, I am not all sad, for we are going  to Racasdia today, remember?? We are very excited, although we have some carpentry painting to do, But we like it! And don't forget about the picnic in the forest, which I trully want to have!
So, with kindness in our hearts, and the the excitement that tonight I will see the stars alot closer, I whish you a great weekend (with lots and lots of fresh air!) and give you des...

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    On the same subject. I've watched it before posting it.