miercuri, 7 mai 2014

LIFE, wait for me!!!

I've ignored everything important in my life during the past few months, I've been out of my own skin, I've wondered and lost myself, tangled in black thoughts and useless day-dreaming.
Not that dreaming doesn't have it's own crucial role, but as I'm never allowing myself to dream, being to anchored in reality, all the dreams that I smoldered and crushed came crashing over me! It's not sane to throw your dreams away!! It's actually not safe to hide behind work and think everything will be ok...eventually, no matter how lonely and void you feel....
Just one tip: watch Dukhless (2014), it was like a smack in my face....
Wake up! Wake up! wake up!

Let's have a yummy glass of red and raise it for all out there working at 22.00 in the evening, passionate and in love with what they are doing!

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