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True blood..or the movie better than the books

I rarely stumble upon things like this, when a movie takes a book or a series of books, which seem to be ok, but only in a mediocre way, and turns this book or books into a successful and really good movie.
I've been MIA due partially to my spring down time, and due to the True Blood movie series and their book correspondent: the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.
I won't include a link to these books due to the fact that I was disappointed in them, but especially in the way the author ended the series. I've been reading the net and understood that I am one of many who felt betrayed and disappointed with the ending, but I will have to state my opinion in this matter. Then I intend to say what made me think of True Blood as one of the best series I ever saw (not that I would be a real expert in this matter, because I am not!).
First things first, the books start nicely, resembling the movie, then take an abrupt turn, with different characters having completely different roles, and that surprised me in a great way, since it would have been boring for the movie to strictly follow the letter of the book. I was glad to see a complex structure in action, with many more characters, a vividly colored Sookie, a less pathetic Bill, and an extremely erogenous Eric Northman. I can't ignore the fact that the casting for the movie was perfect, as Eric is practically completely mixed up with Alexander Skarsgard, and I kept this image in my head throughout the whole 13 books. 
The action in the books takes us practically to a faery land, which is quite cool if you like submerging in this kind of stories, and I really needed this. It's been a while since I was so impressed with a book that I would sleep 3 or 4 hours a night during a working week just so I can go on with the action in these books. In this respect, I am thankful to the author. Regarding the abrupt way in which she chose to finish the series, all the explanation I can give is that maybe she became bored with all the drama in her own books and decided to cut it off. I can't explain why would she choose to write such action packed books with so much information, Sookie falls in love with one vampire, than brushes against a werewolf, but doesn't finalize anything with him, although there are enough sparks to fly around. All good and nice, then enters Eric. He sweeps her off her feet, she falls in love irremediably, and they have a wonderful love story in more than 5 books I guess (I read them one after the other in about a week, so it's kind of blurry, and I'm not quite able to make a distinction between the books). Eric does everything in his power to gain her, protect her and keep her for himself, but somehow in the end his greed of power and money makes him forget all about that. Let's say it would be ok, he could be that ambitious, and Sookie loves the sun light, just like the author put it, but from half the books we understand how smitten Eric is with her, and during only one last book, he suddenly forgets about all that. They kill kings together, and all kind of creatures, but suddenly he is afraid of one king only, and he decides to marry another vampire.
Let's say we can come to understand this dark and power lusty side of Eric, what I cannot understand is how one can ruin perfectly good worth of 12 books in one last book! She rushes all resolution into one last short novel, where information is stuffed and little explained. Ok, we understand Sookie loves her human warmth, she has been loving Sam for a couple of years without even knowing it, she was suffering from Eric's deceit, and Bill's deceit, and Alcede's lack of tact, but in just a few chapters she suddenly forgets all that and decides she loves Sam above all. I wonder why all the trouble to fall in love with Bill and Eric respectively, if she returns to Sam, the one that she feels compassion and friendship for, but little to  no love during 12 books? The rage I felt on the net comes from the fact that the author never warned us against this resolution, and I was just as enraged as the other readers that all the emotion gathered during 12 books is crushed to dust during a few last chapters.
We would have loved a little more action between Sookie an Sam, a closure would have been nice and even decent, especially after reading with our hearts in our throats 12 nice books.
This "happy ending"  was just like a bucket of ice-cold water after a whole day of basking in the sun, so the response must be at least violent, if not disappointing from all points of view.
I've skeptically smiled when I read that the author said she wouldn't give in to all the online requests that she should change the finale; as I guess that she did this dry finale just hoping that it would trigger exactly these reactions, and it must have been all thoroughly calculated. Even negative publicity is good publicity, right?
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Returning to the movie True Blood, which has a great cast (ok, I might be a little influenced by the choice of Alex as Eric, he's one tall hottie!)
                        ( wanted to add a pic of him, but can't find one without make-up or sunglasses...:( )
and action, I have to say it was a success, as I rarely start watching a series and take it to the end, I usually get bored somewhere on the road. Not this time, though, especially since the action is so different from the books, and even though it is really bloody (what to expect, with such a title?), the suspense is surprisingly well calculated.
I usually get more of the feeling from a book, but this time I have to say I understand Sookie better from the movie, and not only her. I understand that this summer season 7 will conclude the series, and I can't wait to see if the producers will also kill our expectations and all this journey into the night of the vampires and werewolves will prove to have been in vain. So, fingers crossed, and let's hope the movie doesn't follow the letter of the book exactly, as I have nothing against Sookie ending up with Sam, having kinds and growing older, but there should really be a closure here, a little more depth would be welcome.
All these being said, I would not recommend the books (I guess this is my first what-not-to-read post!), unless you are sadistic and want to end up heart broken, unsatisfied and in a mental blockage, just like me!
Enjoy the series, though!

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