vineri, 10 august 2012


We've probably all heard about healing energies, stones, music, food even, but how much do we really believe in all that? Well, I for once started believing that the key to my good or miserable life is in my heands. I'm just at the beginning, but already have realised that if I think negatively, no good will come from that, but instead, if I start thinking positively (each time I begin to stress out, or I am angry at someone or something), I stop myself and start thinking that this is not good for me, I definitely feel much better. So, the power of healing, and why not, to defend ourselves from negative energies, is truly in every one of us.
Just listen to this music:
and tell me you're not relaxed, even just a little bit!
So, leave your worries behind, your job at your office door, your bad feelings about someone around the corner of your house, fire an incented candle and play the clip above, read a happy story and have a happy time, it's weekend, after all!!

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