marți, 3 ianuarie 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!

Sorry for the late post, I was out of town with no connection to Internet....:(
But that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of my dear blog and at the changes I will perform this year!
Since a new year always means a new beginnning, I will soon let you know what my future plans are...until then ....guess what Santa brought me....
my so attentive significat other gifted me with this WONDERFULL book, which I was dreaming about for some time....thank you sooooo much!
Of course, I received other gifts, also from my dear sister, a beautiful cardigan, and some amazing jewlery, which I will soon photograph for you; from my boyfriend's mother, sister and father I received a beautiful scented candle (whenever I light it it smells like coffee yum yum!), a candle holder christmas-tree shaped and a very useful manicure set! I also received some yummy tea from one of my work colleagues, and a beautiful black and sequins scarf from my dear friends!
Thank you all so much!!!
And my own gift to myself was...
...a beautiful beautiful illustrated book for children!!! I know it is for children around 3, but I just couldn't resist the beautiful drawings!
As you can see, I love that much receiving gifts, that I can't resist giving them to myself...:D (see my birthday post :D)
Nice to find you again and wishing you a happy week, I send you des ...

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