vineri, 9 decembrie 2016

our music...

I am ready to face it, to receive more than I can stand and give more than I ever have before! I'm ready to be one and lose myself, then find myself again in a place I never thought I could be. Up or down, I am ready to face all weather, to stand tall in front of any difficulty that might appear in our path. I am ready to forgive and take it from the beginning, without a trace of second thought. Let us be cleansed and renewed, let us be what we were meant from the beginning. I'm ready to believe that what I deserve will be mine in the end, even if this is not the end, but only the beginning. I refuse to be defeated by my own prejudice, I'm opening my eyes wider than ever before. Look at me and you will see, this time I am allowing my emotions to flow, to wrap you up and protect you. I'm fighting for me, for you, for time and life, for good and for bad. My words will be your solace, my arms will be your cradle and your fiery place, where you loose yourself and find yourself renewed. My heart is stronger than ever before, and it will beat faster for the both of us. My breath will stop in my throat until I can see your face again, seeking your eyes, your piercing gaze. My eyes will receive the fire of of your gaze with so much love and willingness that the fire hidden by you there will be tamed with tears of joy. My limbs will be the continuation of yours, until we won't know where I end and where you begin. My hands will offer their warmth to keep your face so close and so intimate that all the world will disappear. The palms of your hands will find my cheeks and engulf them in a touch of adoration that will make me forget I am flesh and bones, sending me sparkling to the moon and back. Our mouths will only unlock to kiss another spot, my hair will fall on your face shielding you from the light. My back will arch under your touch, begging for more of you. I will never have enough of you, nor will you ever get enough of me. I am prepared to enter a new path, one leading to complete change. And if so, I am ready to burn, turn to cold ashes and be scattered all over the floor, only to be reborn again, sager and stronger. Thus, our music is on!

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